CAN - Bus Keypads

What we are looking for:
OEM and companys für special vehicle equipment

What we offer:
Utility vehicle drivers handle immense powers, move large
quantities of often critical goods and are travelling at high
speed. Often in rain, snow and darkness. A workplace unforgiving of mistakes, which - when working under difficult
conditions - are just a handbreadth away. The perfect night
design, robust construction and individual design options
of Miunske CAN keypads provide drivers and users with
precisely that safety they need in their tough daily work
Perfect night design
In the dark, Miunske CAN keypads reveal their superiority:
extremely bright, without glare and homogeneously illuminated panel. This is made possible by placing lighting
elements in individual light shafts, which are movable for
switch elements and stationary for display fields. This
spatial separation prevents stray light. At the same
time, all light shafts are deep enough to comply
with any thermal requirements. Even at full level control, when brightly illuminated by sunlight. Even so, at 25 mm, installation depth is significantly lower than in conventional rocker switches. And by the way, length and widths of our CAN keypads are designed to fit standard panel dimensions. This way, they can be easily installed either vertically or horizontally in existing recesses. An integrated light sensor automatically adjusts lighting intensity. This is based on pulse width modulation in order to maintain colour accuracy even in poor lighting conditions.
By using multicolour LEDs, the individual display elements can be illuminated in any colour. The precision graduation even provides for adaptation to individual colour schemes or predefined product designs.


Mr Dieter Lettner
International Sales Manager

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