Air Brake Fittings

What we are looking for:
We aim to meet manufacturers of Trucks, Buses and Trailers who want to provide their product with high quality components while controlling costs of purchase and assembly. The Sirit Air Brake Fittngs in fact offer value thanks to accurate production processes and product performance but also through a simple and fast assembly process on the clients' production lines.

What we offer:
We produce in Italy and distribute worldwide Air Brake Fittings for Commercial vehicles (Truks, buses. and trailers).
Our products are safe, reliable, certified, 100% tested and include the possibilty to remove the tube. Our service is flexible and high standard, providing strong production and logistic capabilities.
Our fittings are succesfully mounted on major manufacturers as OEM.
We offer metric and imperial threads and a wide range of adaptors and distribution blocks.
The Sirit system is smart and clever allowing a reduced number of parts compared to other suppliers.
Furthermore our R&D department is continuosly improving the product, bringing innovation and new technology.


Mr Alessandro Messaggi
Sales Manager

Mr Fabrizio Cottura
Sirit Poland Managing Director
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