HERE platform for business - Maps, Directions, Traffic, Geocoder, Location based services

What we are looking for:
Value-added resellers, system integrators and developers

What we offer:
HERE enables smarter management of mobile and fixed assets for a wide range of organisations. Using our cloud-based, automotive-grade global map content as a precise foundation, we offer the features, flexibility and support for organisations who demand innovative location intelligence.

We serve a wide variety of markets with unique expertise and deep experience that enables the analysis and management of fixed assets such as utility infrastructure and mobile assets, including fleets and field workers.

We’ve been in the location business for the last 30 years and have built one of the most accurate maps in the world. Our maps can be found in four out of five in-car navigation systems in North America and Europe and we use this same map, along with specially developed attributes, to serve some of the world’s leading private, defense and public sector organisations.

We provide a robust set of platform services (APIs) that enable key routing, mapping, geo-fencing and navigation functionalities as well as the flexibility to choose the services that best respond to our customers’ specific application requirements.

We work with value-added resellers, system integrators and developers and support them round-the-world and round-the-clock with experienced service teams.


Mr Marc Huppke
Product Manager
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