Mirrors and mirror arms.

What we are looking for:
We would like to meet OEM vehicle/machine manufacturers and cab builders. We have something to offer many different industries and we have a great deal of experience in resolving visibility issues.

We would also be keen to speak with after market parts distributors. The universal nature of our products means that one mirror can be used on many different machines so our products can help reduce the need for stocking many different part numbers.

Whilst we are based in the UK nearly 50% of our business is exported. We would like to meet with potential partners who would be interested in being an agent, or representative, for Ashtree in geographic regions that they work in.

What we offer:
Ashtree has a large range of mirrors that cover many different applications. These include class II/III, class IV and classes V & VI.

As well as mirrors we also have several different ranges of mirror arms. These go from 16mm diameter, typically used on materials and off highway machinery up to 28mm diameter that are used on buses and larger vehicle.


Mr John Roper
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