cooling fans and centrifugal blowers for bus air conditioners, radiators, heat exchangers

What we are looking for:
General Cab Group can participate as partner to OEM manufacturers and system integrators for a/c units, cooling radiators for vehicles, heaters. Any project for devices that need ventilation, cooling and heating

What we offer:
Established in 1982, since its foundation General Cab S.r.l. has been an independent italian company working in the automotive market in EMEA and NAFTA countries.
The wide range of products can satisfy any need.
At the same time, General Cab is able te develop customized products, compliant to specific customer's requests and guaranteeing, during the whole development cycle, excellent quality standards from design to product testing and from industrialization to mass production.
High standard for EMC and air flow high performance


Mr Dott. Marcello Nizzoli
Business Development Director

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