Hydraulic tipping valves for Truck Tipping Systems and Rotary Joints for Truck Mounted Cranes

What we are looking for:
We at Hycom Engineering (India) Pvt. Ltd. work with OEM's and other large hydraulics manufacturers to supply our valves.

We are looking for customers in the tipping kit industry, who are keen on procuring global quality tipping (or any other) valves at a competitive price.

We are also looking for customers who are interested in procuring rotary/swivel/turning joints for truck mounted cranes, as we have built an expertise in this field by supplying to some of the largest crane manufacturers around the world.

What we offer:
Hycom Engineering (India) Pvt. Ltd. offers hydraulic tipping valves for truck tipping systems and rotary joints for truck mounted cranes. Our products are of global quality and are cost competitive.

We have a world class valve honing machine, (Kadia U6), offering valve bore cylindricity of less than 3 microns. This manufacturing capability of ours enables us to produce some of the most high precision valves with very low internal leakages.

With our dominance in truck tipping valves, we have all the competencies with us to develop and produce global quality valves.


Mr Sarat Mudium
Member - Executive Council
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