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Software Services adding Benefits to Telematics

What we are looking for:
We are looking for partners offering our solutions to their customer base with systems in place in the following areas:

a) Board Computer Systems
b) Vehicle Tracking Systems - Telematics Systems
c) Weighbridge Suppliers
d) Time Recording Systems in logistics and transportation area
e) Driver wage settlement applications (payroll)
f) Fuel supplier or fuel supplier equipment manufacturer

What we offer:
PROCON DATA Smart Advisor for Trucks: Standingtime Live Monitoring based on conventional Telematics Systems.

PROCON DATA ByteBar.eu: Web based system for data acquisition, archiving and analysis related to the digital tachograph.

PROCON DATA Transport Manager Report: Condensed one page report a driver, showing deviations of driving-and resting times.

PROCON DATA Driver wage settlement: Reporting working hours spent in certain countries for minimum wage compliance.
International allowance and surcharge calculation for customers based in DE, AT and CZ.

PROCON DATA Telematics Data Warehouse: Data Warehouse for Business Intelligence and Analytics using complete telematics information

PROCON DATA Rest & Fill Service: Refuelling optimisation in terms of fuel prices and resting times.


Mr Martin Schweitzer

Standingtime Live Monitoring based on conventional Telematics Systems.

What we are looking for:
Transportation companies, Telematics Systems vendors and other interested parties.

What we offer:
Currently, the management focus of the transportation industry is the reduction of driving time for example by applying route optimisation means.
The idle time of trucks (e.g. waiting for loading, waiting on the border, ..) and resting time is not yet in the focus.
Our new product idle time monitor is targeting exactly this management topic.
Most of the idle time is spent at warehouse sites, waiting for loading. The "Idle Time Monitor" alerts the dispatcher for managing waiting times. If the waiting time exceeds the maximum stipulated loading time of the transportation contract, the resting time monitor supports billing of the overtime to the transportation client.
Another important topic is the precise observance and optimisation of resting time claimed by social regulations like EU 561/2006.
An important issue is the detection of avoidable idle times.


Mr Martin Schweitzer

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