Materials Technology for safer, stronger and lighter vehicle components

What we are looking for:
By increasing awareness of the unique properties of Niobium at IAA, our aim is to illustrate the extent of its current use in commercial vehicles, so in future, it can be used universally across the sector.
CBMM’s approach has always been based on working in partnership with steel companies and OEMs, to solve practical problems through the application of Niobium Materials Technology. We hope to explore the potential for more such partnerships at the IAA.

What we offer:
Partnerships in materials technology for safer, stronger and lighter vehicle applications. Our expertise is the result of 40 years’ research into Niobium in a wide variety of uses. With this background we have demonstrated that by micro-alloying Niobium with steel, we can significantly enhance its mechanical and wear properties. This enables a reduction in the weight of commercial vehicles, in their maintenance costs, and in addition improves safety and fuel consumption.


Mr Mr Michael Oke
Senior Consultant
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