VDL DCP shortens cycletime of containerhandling and reduces CO2 emissions

What we are looking for:
If one truck can save up to 218 ltr of diesel per year by using the Dynamic Control Plus, just imagine what all the trucks in Europe with a hookliftsystem can economize!
DCP is interesting for anyone who wants to work with faster loading and unloading and transport of containers and is simultaneously concerned with the environment.

What we offer:
VDL Hooklifts can be equipped with the Dynamic Control Plus® plus. This is a new hydraulic system that operates faster and consumes less energy. DCP is a switchable dynamic function that can shorten the cycletime of tipping and all stages of container handling. DCP reduces CO2 emissions while tipping, loading and unloading of the container.
The benefits are: Fully automatic (dynamic)
• Shorter cycle of operation
• De-stresses system as well as truck
• Economic and eco-friendly by means of several factors like CO2 emmision reduction as well as diesel and decibel
• Fuel saving
• Relieves the system by softstop functionality
• Reduced operating pressure
• Significantly lower oil temperature
• Option lowering from tipping without PTO


Ms Monique Daniels

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