embedded Face Recognition, Eye and Head Tarcking

What we are looking for:
We are looking for further partners in the automotive industry; i.e. producers of telematic devices, OEMs, 1st Tier automotive suppliers, that develop driver-assistance system, partners form the fleet management, just to name a view.

What we offer:
Asaphus Vision GmbH develops face recognition, eye and head tracking software for embedded systems.

By using our software e.g. in a driver-assistance system,
the car can very conveniently be individualized. In addition, the driving safety is increased because our software also determines the position and orientation of the head and the status of the eyelids. The car can adjust its behaviour depending on the driver’s individual preferences and current alertness.

The Asaphus software is extremely efficient and fully self-contained. It runs at high frame rates on an ARM A9, and other embedded processors. The software supports single and dual near-infrared cameras. It is robust against varying head poses, lighting conditions, and partial occlusions.


Ms Dr. Lenka Ivantysynova

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