PNEUSCAN - Providing all in one: Tire Pressure, Tread Depth, Weight, Vehicle Identification and Data Managementsystem

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The automatic tire control system PNEUSCAN is designed to work especially in the field of utility vehicles and trucks, such as transport fleets, transport services and bus fleets.

We are reaching out for companies that strive to make a difference and like to stay ahead with the competitive advantages of PNEUSCAN.

Please keep in mind that tire monitoring on a regular basis optimizes the maintenance program, maximizing tire and vehicle life. Having the data tied to specific vehicles means having daily reports on tires that are underinflated and acting in real time to address the problem.

Contact us today and learn more about PNEUSCAN tire scanning technology, value and services. Don´t miss the opportunity to identify tire-related issues immediately, save money and prevent breakdowns!

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PNEUSCAN offers an automatic and comprehensive tire inspection without any modifications needed to the vehicle. It is therefore independent of tire brand and manufacturer.

The worldwide unique technology comprises of tire pressure AND tread depth check. It also indicates total and axle weight. By means of vehicle identification the results are linked to the individual vehicle and immediately displayed. The data management system allows vehicle specific evaluations and analysis for an efficient tire management.

The successful established tire control system PNEUSCAN has proven to be an efficient solution for the reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions as well as an effective answer to questions of safety in road traffic.


Herr Frank Stratmann
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